I offer editing, mentoring, and workshops for both creative and professional writing. General guidelines are below, but please click here to contact me for a specific quote for your project. 

Creative Critique: I provide critiquing services for both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, ranging from short stories and essays to book-length works. A critique includes written page-by-page comments on your manuscript, as well as a separate document outlining any big-picture changes that I believe would strengthen the work. A creative critique can be used to improve your manuscript prior to submitting for publication, or simply to help you build your skills as a writer. While I do not critique poetry, plays, or screenplays I can put you in touch with well-qualified authors who do.

MFA Application Review: I can assist you in preparing your application for the creative writing MFA or MA program of your choice. This can include helping you to choose pieces from your portfolio to use as writing samples, providing a creative critique of writing samples, and helping you craft your personal statement. I have served as an application reader for the Iowa Writers' Workshop and other writing programs and have helped many of my past students prepare their successful MFA applications for various programs.

Creative Mentoring: If you are looking to generally improve your writing skills I can arrange a mentoring program whereby you submit creative work to me that we then discuss by phone or Skype. This is intended for writers who are working on a book or looking to develop their writing over the long term, rather than those who want help with a single short project.

Professional Editing: I provide editing and copyediting services for professional projects including magazine and newsletter articles, grants, and marketing copy. 

Writing Workshops: I conduct group workshops to teach professional and creative writing skills. I can customize the topics covered for your particular writing group or business. I also have extensive experience working as a visiting artist with middle and high school students and can do school presentations for these age groups.